C.S Amudhan Answers To The Most Complicated Questions Of The Fans !! Just Hilarious !!

4 years ago

C.S Amudhan did not expect his first film to be such a success. “To be very honest with you, we were not very serious about the film,” he explained. “We did not think that the film was the beginning of our career or anything of that sort. I wrote it, pitched it, got it approved and the star got on board immediately. We did not have time to think. We shot it in one rush and released it almost immediately. We were not very careful [and did not] consider too many things before the film.” he said in an interview.


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C.s Amuthan, the maker of the only Kollywood parody film franchise seems to be very active on Twitter. He also seems to have very strong connection with the fans as we can hardly see a negative comment for his tweets. The reason is nothing but his only film Tamizh padam which earned him a lot of followers.

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Now the director has conducted a chat session with his followers where one of his follower politely asked if there is any plan for Tamizh Padam 3. The director replied “There is nothing much of a plan, right now” to which the follower trolled the director.


Check out the follower’s question here :

For this answer the follower said “Please don’t make it, TP 2 itself intolerable”

The dorector took it in a light manner and responded in a humorous way. He said “Unga vali puriyuthu” (I can understand your pain)

Check out some of the other interesting answers Amuthan said :

CS Amudhan returned to filmmaking after eight years with the sequel to his debut film Tamizh Padam. It isn’t by design though, given he made another film in between, Rendaavadhu Padam, which looks to have been shelved. Admittedly, he didn’t want to follow up Tamizh Padam with another spoof, but the passage of time in between, he says, got him excited again about working on one.


When he was asked how easy to do script for films like Tamizh padam 2  he said “It actually is. (Laughs) For me, anyway. When it comes to this genre, where I can write 10 scenes in an hour, others struggle to write even one. Perhaps the reverse will happen when I begin writing a serious film.”

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We can soon expect a original film from the director which is evident through his answers to his followers.

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