#BringBackCooum – A Cooum cleanup initiative by Chennai Memes



Cooum river was once a fresh water resource, but now it is completely polluted with garbage and sewage water. Once upon a time it was a free flowing river, but now it is nothing but drainage.

There are 8.8 Million people living in the Chennai Metropolitan City (2011 census) , various waste from Industries, household and other sewage water are mixed along with the river making it very unpleasant to look and walk past by.

More than 75% of the Chennai city population is not aware of the fact that Cooum is a river, every people is misconceived that thinking Cooum is a term used to refer drainage in Tamil.

In 1940 there were 49 different species living in Cooum, but now in 2015 even a fish can’t survive living in that water for more than 3 hours. 

During mid 1990’s trading was taking place from South India to Sri Lanka via Cooum, but now it is very much sad to see a source of transport destroyed.

A public transport option (waterways) which is possible for the city is destroyed completely now. We as a Chennaite need to support this initiative to restore the heritage of Cooum.

Do join the cause and be the change!

Please sign the petition in order to bring the change to clean the river – http://bit.ly/BringBackCooum

Special Thanks to – Seyon, Saravana, SVM


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