Brigida Asked Apology For Her Statement About “Slum People” !!

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8 months ago

Youtube fame Brigida who made her silver screen debut through “Iravin Nizhal” sought apology from the users of Twitter after her statement about the residents from North Chennai went wrong. The emerging actress received flak from the user of the micro blogging social media site as she said that people from slum area are known for using abusive language and they registered only fact in the film.


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Followed by her apology, Director of “Iravin Nizhal”, Parthiban also issued a clarification and said that he always intended to made people from he slum to become a hero through his films. Director Parthiban, “Iravin Nizhal” of whom got released recently, is currently busy promoting the film by visiting theatres and being active in social media platforms. “Iravin Nizhal” was released on 15th of July and the makers promoted the film saying that it’s World’s First Non-Linear film that was shot on single shot.

Music composed by academy award winner A.R Rahman, the film’s ensemble caste includes, Brigida, Robo Shankar, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and others. The film was certified as an adults only due to the abusive language used in the film and due to some of the visuals that included nudity and violence. While interacting with media after watching the film, Brigida answered to a question on the abusive language used in the film.


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“Using so much of bad words is ethically wrong but the entire story revolves around a single man who faced only bad things in his life. So, it could be told only in that way. If we are visiting a slum, we could hear only the bad words. We couldn’t cheat just because we are making a cinema. People know how they would talk in that area” Brigida said to the press.

“Bad words couldn’t be avoided in the film as the maker thought of showing it as raw as possible” she added. Statement from the young actress didn’t go well with a number of online users who thought that the people from slum area are being demeaned and generalized.

Reacting to the comments, Brigida came up with an apology through her twitter handle, saying “My hearty sorry for telling those words! I just tried to convey that… As the location changes, the language also changes in iravin nizhal film.I took a wrong example which I’m feeling so bad for saying that! #acceptmyappologies🙏🏽 Just a normal girl who’s trying to achieve in film”

Here’s her tweet :

Quoting the tweet, Director Parthiban said “I am also asking apology on behalf of Brigida to the people who got hurt. This is a story that takes place in the year 1989. The change brought by the people of slum came from their education which they got through severe struggle. Most of my films are about slum people becoming hero” through his reply tweet.

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