Bride Refuses To Enter Wedding Venue After Her Favorite Song Is Not Played!! Twitter Debates

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-27
22:38 IST

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Following the incident of the bride refuses to enter the wedding venue because of the song she had selected wasn’t the one being played, Rosy a lawyer in profession posted a tweet and conducted a poll on her Twitter page. 

Shivani Pippel is the manager cum makeup artist of the Geetanjali Salon in New Delhi. She is working as a makeup director of the Geetanjali Salon. Her wedding took place recently and one of her childish incidents made her the trending bride. Her wedding was pre-planned from the makeup to the decoration, literally, everything was planned and choreographed in order to make it a perfect wedding.  


But one couldn’t seek perfection in everything. Things may happen unplanned or sometimes plans may collapse. Shivani Pippel refused to enter the wedding venue when the song she had selected to make her grand entry was not played. This made the bride upset. Shivani said, “I had said I want ‘Piya mohe ghar aaye’, ask him to play it,” is heard in the video. The video also shows that the family members assures her that the song she had asked for will be changed. 

This video was posted on her Instagram page with the caption, ‘Why I didn’t want to enter?’ Later the video was reposted by the ‘The Wedding Brigade’ along with a caption that read, “Watch the video to know why the bride didn’t want to enter the venue 🤭 Brides to be don’t forget to get your bridal entry song ready to avoid last-minute mishaps ”


This repost video is going viral on Instagram as well as on other media platforms. Some netizens commented Shivani’s demand is fair because the wedding is a big day for any bride and every bride wants it perfect. But some others say it is not an act of maturity and she is demanding like a child to change the welcoming song. 

After a few days, on Instagram Shivani had posted a video of grand entering the wedding with the song she had asked for captioning, ‘Moment later song was played’. This made her ‘the trending bride’ which keeps her followers count on Instagram increasing with each passing day. 

On 24th August 2021 Lawyer Rosy had tweeted, “Bride throws a mini tantrum & Refuses to enter wedding venue when a song she wanted for her entry is not played” and posted a poll of Team bride, Team Grownup and Team Hubby. As of now, Team Hubby is on leading. This tweet further made into a debate.

Following below are the comments who support this incident of Shivani.


Following below are the comments against Shivani’s wedding drama. 

One could not predict what is trending on the internet. The netizens play a huge role unconsciously in making silly things trend. 

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