BREAKING : Police At A.R Murugadoss House To Arrest Him !! Whole Tamil Industry Explodes !!


Political opposition has emerged to A.R. Murugadoss’s movie, starring actor Vijay, over scenes depicting angst against the freebie culture in Tamil Nadu and certain “undesirable references”–as claimed by AIADMK leaders and sympathisers–to former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

Sarkar, released on Tuesday, is a movie about a high-flying NRI entrepreneur hunkering down to clean up the political system in Tamil Nadu after he finds out at the polling booth in an election that his vote has already been cast.

Actor Vijay’s previous movie Mersal turned controversial following BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu objected to scenes criticising dialogues against the Goods and Services Tax system.

AIADMK legislator Rajan Chellappa staged a protest on Thursday against the screening of the movie at a cinema in Anna Nagar, Madurai. “People of Madurai do not want this film as it corrupts them. Until the scenes are removed, the people of Madurai will not allow this film to be screened ” Chellappa told reporters.

Now to our shock, a shocking series of tweets emerged from the verified accounts of production and direction department of the film.

AR Murugadoss apartment

It is really shattering to see those tweets which are posted by Sun Pictures and A.R Murugadoss. Earlier today we have witnessed a hashtag trending in twitter regarding this issue #SarkarVsTNSarkar.

They say that police officers of Chennai went to A.R Murugadoss house to arrest him and they left after knowing that he is not in home. As the film got verified by the censor board and since there is no FIR against A.R Murugadoss there is no source for Police officers to arrest the director. Other side it is also said that it is a normal patrol rounds from Police officers not something targetting the directoir. Check out the first tweet of Sun Pictures :

Check out the second tweet by the production company :

Following these tweets A.R Murugadoss himself tweeted about the incident. To our shock the man accepted the allegations off Sun Pictures and informed the same in other words. His tweet read “Police had come to my house late tonight and banged the door several times.Since I was not there they left the premises. Right now I was told there is no police outside my house.”

From Rajinikanth to Vishal most of the celebrities reacted to this issue. Check out them here :

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