BREAKING : Nayanthara’s Official Statement Against Radha Ravi’s Misogynist Speech About Her !!


Followed by the announcement of DMK president Stalin about the suspension of Radha ravi from his party, Vignesh Shivan thanked them through his official twitter account. Now Naynathara, the actress herself has came up with a official statement regarding the issue which is burning for past two days.

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Today morning the veteran actor reacted to the backlash he is facing for his uncouth comments on Nayanthara at the trailer launch of the upcoming film Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. Nayanthara’s boyfriend, director Vignesh Shivan lashed out at Radha Ravi. After the severe criticism, Radha Ravi has now said that he regrets his words.

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In an interaction with a Tamil daily, Radha Ravi said, “If my words have hurt you, I express my sincere regret.” In addition to that, Ravi also said that he will leave DMK if the party is getting affected by his actions.

Now the actress herself came up with a press release in which she clarified about her stand in the issue.

Check out the reactions for her statement in social media :

In the Kolayuthir Kaalam press meet the actor said β€œNayanthara has acted as a ghost and as goddess Sita as well. Earlier, K.R. Vijaya was the most popular choice to play the role of a goddess. Today, anyone can be cast to play a goddess. They can cast someone who you want to pray to when you look at them, they can also cast someone you want to call towards you when you see them,”


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