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BREAKING : Big Boss Julie Just Abused Her Followers In Bad Words : Twitter Censored It !! : Check Out Yourself !!



BREAKING : Big Boss Julie Just Abused Her Followers In Bad Words : Twitter Censored It !! : Check Out Yourself !!

Juliana, is the contestant of Bigg Boss tamil reality show. She was prominently known for her appearance during Jallikattu Protest in Marina beach. With the fame of Jallikattu protest, She made an entry to television with Bigg Boss.

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Juliana is a Nurse by profession. She is from south part of tamil nadu.

She is the brave girl who shout slogan in Marina beach during Jallikattu protest. The video of her doing rounds in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

After Protest of Jallikattu in 2017, Some rumors has been doing round that She is died. She denied and made selfie video regarding the false news.


With the fame of Bigg Boss, She made an entry to Tamil cinema industry and play the lead roles. Now Julie is casting in the couple of Tamil movies in supporting roles and also plays a lead role as a journalist in an upcoming Tamil movie titled Uttami.


She recently uploaded a video in her twitter account where she hold a empty tumbler and pretends that she is drinking something. While doing this gimmick she also announces a biggest announcement of her life which she believes that her decision is going to change the fate of tamilnadu.

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While making this sensational statement Juliana listing the current issues of Tamilnadu such as Farmers issue , NEET Exam solutions and also Cauvery issue. She utters the given dialogue in regular intervel so that she can prevent going for next take which is somewhere between 500 and 5000 it seems. It is clearly proved when she remembers her given dialogue while pretending like drinking water from the empty glass.


But in another case the video’s clarity is so poor and the background is absurd which denotes that the video might be a leaked one from one of her haters who envies her growth. It is proved that it is a rehearsal video of Julie for her Uthami film. To the contrary Juliana suddenly abuses her followers in bad words which is censored by the twitter management. You can see that in the video released and it seems Julie is not aware of it yet. The video is believed to be removed as soon as it goes to the concern of Juliana, the Comrade. Watch the video below,

As soon as the the video released, to face the consequences , Juliana decided to protect herself by initiating her own political party. She announces it in the following video ,


Let us all stand by Julie and support her progressive thought process !!




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