Branding It As ‘Organic Brush’, American Company Sells Neem Stick!! Check How Much

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2 years ago

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America is back again to copy our Indian culture. The datun (organic neem twigs) is being sold in America as an organic toothbrush for Rs. 1800 by an e-commerce company. 

The American people have been crazy about Indian spices, yoga, cultural heritage and so on. We never know our value until it comes back to us from the West that too with more price value. Neem twig brush is very much organic and it protects against bacteria, strengthens your gums, prevents plaque, and many more.


For centuries Indians had been using the neem datun to brush their teeth. However, the practice is hardly found in India. Though neem tree is commonly grown in India, one has to pay Rs. 4 to Rs. 6 to get neem twig in an urban area. And one could find it free in rural areas. 

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In recent times, the usage of organic and chemical-free products like neem datun is a hot topic in America. An E-commerce company in the United State is selling neem datun as an organic toothbrush. The Neem Tree Farms Company is selling Neem Chew Sticks for $24  (Rs. 1800). 

The website reads, “Neem chew sticks have been used for centuries in tropical countries to clean and brighten teeth while supporting a healthy immune system in your mouth.”


The company also explains how to use these chew sticks. “To use a neem stick for oral care, make hairs by chewing the end of the stick and then gently rubbing the bristles along your gum line as you would a toothbrush. Cut off the end each time you use it to ensure freshness. A quarter-pound contains 15 to 25 chew sticks, depending on the size of the stick. They should last about three months. For best results, refrigerate (don’t freeze!) until you’re ready to use them, but keep them in the paper, not plastic.”

Surprised by this costly organic toothbrush, an Indian- American has posted a Twitter post in the year, 2020. The post read as “This is the same ‘datun’ used by people in our villages now sold in US supermarkets for $15 as ‘organic toothbrush’. #marketing


A few days ago it was reported that an Indian ‘charpai’ was sold for R.s 41000 in New Zealand. A brand named Annabelle’s has been selling the common Indian ‘charpai’ in the name of ‘Vintage Indian Daybed.’


Below is the Twitter post by Sun News. 

Check below for the comments by the netizens to the Twitter posts.

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