Brahmin Priest Wants Others To Stay In House To Protest The Appointment Of Non-Brahmin Priests !! WATCH

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2 years ago

Video of an individual named Rangarajan Narasimhan advising his fellow Brahmin priests to stay in house to protest the appointment of non-Brahmin priests is going viral in social media platforms with reactions condemning the former. He wanted his word to spread across the world with all the priests following it. Many who came across the video, expressed their displeasure over it and questioned why Brahmin priests are getting irked on seeing non-Brahmins getting appointed as priests.



The ongoing DMK government led by Chief minister MK Stalin, in a way of keeping his word, appointed trained aspirants from various castes as temple priests in Tamil nadu. On Saturday, CM MK Stalin handed over appointment orders from the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (HR & CE) Department to 75 personnel who had completed ‘Archagar’ training. Including one female “Odhuvar”, the group comprises, ‘Bhattacharyas’ (Vaishnavite priests) and Odhuvars (Shaivite reciters).

The appointments turned controversial as many opposed the decision of Brahmin priests being replaced by non-Brahmins. Hashtag “Brahmins” is trending in the micro blogging social media site with various kind of reactions. “M.K.Stalin, I thought, would not repeat his father’s mistakes on the issue of Temples. MK got a snub from Supreme Court in my Sabhanayagar Natraj Temple case of 2014. In the recent DMK meddling with Temple priests postings, it has become necessary for me to go to Court too.” tweet of BJP’s Subramanian Swamy read.

Here’s the tweet :


Political analyst Sumanth Raman uploaded a tweet saying sacking old priests to appoint new ones is not fair. “Many social media messages and videos saying priests in temples are being sacked to make way for new appointees. I welcome the appointment of priests of all castes but sacking those working in temples for decades is wrong.” his tweet read.

Meanwhile, a video of an individual named “Rangarajan Narasimhan”, advising his fellow Brahmin priests to stay in house and to abandon temples is going viral in social media platforms. He added the video with a caption saying “A solution to TN Temple Crisis” in his Twitter timeline.

Check out some of the reactions below :


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