Chennaites, Now You Can Bounce Happily At This Trampoline Park In KNK ROAD.. Check Out!



Age is mind over issue, and for those of you, who out and out trust so at that point make a beeline for this trampoline heaven. You can divulge that yearning to bounce around, experiment with a few flips, play hammer dunk and even unwind in their froth pit. This zone is kid-accommodating as well. It’s an incredible approach to give your children a chance to have a great time, associate with different children, sweat it out and dump that PS for good.

It’s a sensibly well-spread space with over an aggregate of 10 to 12 trampoline patches of varying sizes to suit distinctive age gatherings. They have an extend of trampoline transformed into a b-ball court. You can play a touch of pummel dunk there. It’s optimal for those of you who are not an amusement for the rec center but rather still wanna get fit as a fiddle – one of the fun approaches to work out and consume a few calories. You’ll effortlessly shed around 250-odd calories with just 30 minutes of fundamental bouncing.


The cost is set at INR 250 for a 30-minute session. After which, they charge INR 50 for each extra 10-minute. Additionally, a prepared proficient is dependably there to help the novices. In addition, you need a couple of socks to play around. Along these lines, either wear one or on the off chance that you need a much grippier sock with contact sole, you can purchase their socks for just INR 100. {It’s justified regardless of the cash by the way.

Where it is located?

The area on Google Maps isn’t generally precise. To top this – their little blue name board is for all intents and purposes holed up behind a thick tree limb makes it truly hard to spot. Need to build the perceivability of their board ASAP! However, all things considered, you call them and they direct you truly well – take a stab at contacting them on +91-8838984470.


Wear or convey a couple of socks in the event that you would prefer not to spend an additional 100 bucks for them. Likewise, look at their Facebook page here -( to show signs of improvement picture of what’s in store out of it.

Furthermore, you are in for a regard there as you’ll get a rebate in the event that you like and take after their Facebook and Instagram pages on your first visit. So have a great time! play like kids leave with memories and happiness!

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