“Blue Satta” Maaran Attacking Superstar Rajinikanth & His Fans While Promoting His Film !!


Popular movie reviewer “Blue Satta” Maaran has been replying to the fans of Super star Rajinikanth while promoting his debut film which is set to release on 3rd of December. After ripping Rajinikanth’s recently released “Annatthe” apart through his review, Maaran has been sharing videos of people expressing their disappointment over the Rajinikanth-starrer through his official twitter handle. Fans of Super star who got offended over his posts, started attacking Maaran in the micro blogging social media site as a result of which Maaran started uploading more posts trolling Super star Rajinikanth.

In his review, “Blue satta” Maaran criticized “Annatthe” saying that the story of the film is old and trolled Nayanthara’s weak role. He also made fun of the villain characters of the film for not being effective and said that fans in the theatre hall trolled the emotional scenes of the film. “For the first time, I am seeing Rajinikanth getting trolled by fans while watching his own film” Maaran said in his review.

Check out his review below :

Elamaaran, popularly known as “Blue satta” Maaran, is very well known for his rural slang, funny phrases, short stories and the reference of real life incidents in his movie reviews. For his unique style of movie reviewing, the man who always wears blue shirt has a separate set of fan following and his youtube channel Tamil talkies enjoys million subscribers. He also gained equal number of haters for the way he reviewed some of the top tier actors of Tamil film industry.

After reviewing movies for nearly 10 years, Maaran venturing into direction for the first time. Titling it as “Anti Indian”, Maaran is currently involved in promoting the film which is set to release in theatres on 3rd of December. In his official twitter handle, has been updating about movies and sharing relevant memes. Most lately, the reviewer has been sharing videos of public expressing their disappointment over “Annatthe” movie.

Maaran also called out Rajinikanth for not voicing his opinion on “Jai bhim” issue and questioned Super star for promoting his own Annatthe” movie through “Hoote” app, launched by his daughter. Check out the series of tweets that were shared by “Blue Satta” Maaran against Rajinikanth and his fans :


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