BJP’S Subramaniam Swamy Criticized Modi For His Post About Meeting Kamala Harris !!


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Kamala Harris for the first time after she became the Vice President of United States in January 2021. She is the first person of Indian-origin to be sworn in as the vice president of United States. Narendra Modi uploaded about the meeting in his official twitter handke and Mr. Subramaniam Swamy, former union cabinet minister who belong to the BJP party, questioned whether Kamala Harris uploaded tweet as same as Modi. When a twitter user asked Swamy to stay positive and honest, he said that he is being honest. Swamy also claimed that his criticism has achieved the purpose after Kamal Harris tweeted about her meeting with Narendra Modi.

“Glad to have met @VP @KamalaHarris. Her feat has inspired the entire world. We talked about multiple subjects that will further cement the India-USA friendship, which is based on shared values and cultural linkages.” Modi who gifted Kamala Harris, a handcrafted wooden frame that consisted a five decade old government notification that mentioned her grandfather PV Gopalan.

Reacting to this tweet, BJP’s Subramaniam Swamy asked whether VP Kamala Harris tweeted about the same. “Did VP Kamala Harris tweet too about the meeting? I saw she had for a later meeting with African but as far as I saw she had not tweeted about the earlier Modi meeting.” his tweet read.

“Our hounarable great leader please be positive for honest modi govt. Indians hope best from you” asked a twitter user only to get a reply from Swamy who said “I am being honest. You want me to spin honestly?”

Around 8 PM of Friday, Kamala Harris uploaded a tweet in her twitter timeline, writing “I met with Prime Minister @NarendraModi to reaffirm the strategic partnership between the United States and India. Working together, we can make progress on important global issues, from the COVID-19 pandemic, to the climate crisis, to strengthening and defending democracy.” in her tweet.

To a twitter user who tagged Swamy by quoting the same tweet, the latter replied saying “My criticism has achieved the purpose”

“Otherwise what explains the delay? For Zambia and Canada it was immediate as was Modi’s.” he said in another tweet.

These online activities of Swamy made many haters of BJP to think that he is doing their job. “It seems, there won’t be any job for us”, General secretary of Congress party’s IT department said in his tweet.


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