BJPIAN’s Tweet Against Non-Brahmin Priests – Goes Viral!!

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-22
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After becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K.Stalin has been keeping up his electoral vows. He has started implementing them without any delays. Most of his schemes are welcomed by most of the commoners. The Government aims at catering to the needs of the people and helps in the upliftment of their lives. Despite being appreciated by most of the people his several schemes are also being heavily criticized.

Chief Minister – M K Stalin


The Government has taken some daring measures to ensure social justice. On August 14, took a massive step to bring about equality among people. As per the electoral vow, trained Non-Brahmins were appointed to work as Priests in the shrines. This was put forward right from the times of Periyar, which was continued by the former Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, and it has now finally been put into action by the present Chief Minister. This scheme has added laurels to the present Government. However, it has also triggered the Brahmin community. Many criticisms, allegations and, threats are made by the people who are against this enforcement.

Right from the time, this news started doing rounds, people have been actively appreciating and criticizing this scheme on social media. Some have shown their disappointments in a really aggressive way. A couple of days ago, a harsh tweet was posted by an individual, whose Twitter timeline suggests that he is an ardent supporter of BJP, uploaded a tweet against this scheme. Many people have shared their disapproval and condemned his tweet. In his tweet, the individual has told that the clan of the individuals who persecute Brahmins will be destroyed. He has also put up a story on his own stating it’s from the past when God destroyed the clan of a Chandiyar who was tormenting the Brahmins. He says anyone acting against the Brahmins will face a fatal ending. The tweet ends with the request that the priests should pray for the massacre of the horrible monsters (people who intend to destroy the Brahmins).


It is notable that he is followed by Kalyan of BJP party and identifies himself as a “Nationalist Hindu” through his Twitter bio.

In the comments, some people commented supporting the tweet. However, most of them have shown their support for the scheme in the comments. This tweet has made some people question the partiality of God.



These kinds of tweets create inequality, hatred and, riots among people. It is disheartening to come across people who still brag about their caste, race and, class and degrade other people.  

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