Suriya Paid Rs.3.72 Lakh To Oscar For The Streaming Of “Jai Bhim” ?? Fans Thrashed This BJP Supporter

A twitter used named G. Pradeep who identifies himself as a “Nationalist” through his twitter bio, claimed that actor Suriya paid Rs. 3 lakh and 72 thousand that is $ 5000 to get the 12 minutes video of his “Jai Bhim” film stream on the official youtube channel of “Oscar”. He came up with a couple of screen shots from “Scene at the academy” and said that he could have spent the money in opening a medical clinic in a rural clinic by referring to Jyothika’s statement about maintaining hospitals as same as temples.

The statement didn’t go well among the fans of the actor who countered saying that it was just the fees which requires for the submission and Oscar has the rights to not exhibit it if the content of the film doesn’t reach meet their expectations. Fans also argued that videos of tons of Tamil and Indian movies would have been featured in “Oscar” youtube channel if Rs. 3,72,000 is the only amount that requires to do it. Political analyst and Sports commentator Sumanth Raman also became subject to criticism for sharing the tweet asking whether Suriya clarified on the matter or not.

“If you pay Rs 3,72,000, the video will be published Oscar’s YouTube Channel. This is how Jai Bhim video is streamed in Oscar Channel. So actor Suriya started following cheap marketing tricks as like DMKians?” Padeep said in his twee by adding a couple of screen shots from Scene at the Academy.

“Suriya sir should have spent that Rs 3,72,000 for opening a medical clinic in rural villages. Am I right Jyothika madam ?” his another tweet read.

“Oh oh!! Has this been clarified by Suriya” asked Sumanth Raman by sharing the tweet of Pradeep.

“So if I pay 100 rs as application fees for getting admission does it mean I get the admission for sure… If this is so easy to buy every year we might have dozens of Indian movies featuring… Understand the meaning submission fees…” a follower wrote whereas another user shared  video of Director Vetri Maaran explaining about the process of Oscar selection.

Check out some of the reactions below :


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