“BJP Will Turn Pulwama Attack & Abhinandhan Into Votes” Says This Actor !! Check Out His Full Statement !!


Siddharth Suryanarayan is an Indian film actor who appears in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam language films. He has been featured in advertising because of his “pan-Indian” appeal as well. The actor also widely known for his anti BJP statements in his tweets.

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Mentioning the recent heartbreaking attack from Pakistani terrorists and the return of our Air force hero Abhinandhan, Siddharth said that BJP will turn them as their votes. He also worried that no one will make this understand to the people.

His tweet read as “The #BJP will milk #Pulwama and the return of #Abhinandan the same way the #Congress used #MahatmaGandhi against his wishes for their gain post independence. Gandhiji is not Congress, & BJP is not our armed forces. Who will explain this to the people? #India must fight the lies.”

Actor Siddharth who never shied away to give his voice for social issues did not missed to comment on the Pulwama attack as well. The cowardly attack from a terrorist group from Pakistan with the help Pakistani government (which is believed by everyone) cost us more than 40 CRPF officers.

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The grief of the loss of our martyred soldiers affected not only their respective families but also the entire nation. Many came forward to donate something that they could afford to the fallen heroes.

Actor Siddharth who is a Pan Indian actor predominantly known for his works with Aamir Khan in Rang De Basanthi , Manirathnam’s Aayutha Ezhuthu, Director Shankar’s Boys is now currently working in many projects.

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Check out some of the reactions for Siddharth’s tweet :

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