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BJP Leader Wants Dhoni To Fight In 2024 General Elections !!



BJP Leader Wants Dhoni To Fight In 2024 General Elections !!

As soon as Dhoni announced about his retirement from International cricket, speculations about his after life is doing rounds in the social media platforms. While few people are expecting him to join the Indian Army, some of them wants him to continue playing for Chennai Super kings for few more years. A separate set of fans even expressing their wish of seeing Dhoni as an actor in Bollywood cinema. However, a senior BJP member, has posted a tweet saying that Dhoni should contest in the Lok Sabha General elections of 2024.


Former Indian Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who hasn’t played a single match since the semi finals of World cup tournament uploaded a post in his official Instagram account captioning “Thanks. Thanks a lot for ur love and support throughout.from 1929 hrs consider me as Retired” on Saturday.


Dhoni, the cricketer who has a huge fan base in world made his last appearance in the semi finals of 2019 world cup tournament. His run out in the semi-finals match against Black caps shattered the dreams of Indian fans. It devastated the fans in the stadium as there was a pin drop silence in Manchester crowd. The two day international world cup semi finals match went in favours of the black caps due to the top order collapse for the first time in the tournament. Three of the top order batsmen scored just 1 run and got out while chasing just 240 runs in 50 overs.

Check out his retirement post here :


MS Dhoni earned enormous number of fans as he loves outsmarting the opposition with his quick thinking, innovative field settings and clever bowling changes. Known for his calm and composed nature, MS Dhoni has gained a nickname “Mr.Cool” for keeping himself calm in the field, unlike other captains. On witnessing his leadership abilities on field for all these years, Subramanian Swamy of BJP party who served as former Union cabinet minister, suggested him to enter politics.


In his tweet, the politician said that the inspiring leadership of a team that he has demonstrated in cricket is needed in public life. “M. S. Dhoni is retiring from Cricket but not from anything else. His talent-to be able to fight against odds and his inspiring leadership of a team that he has demonstrated in cricket is needed in public life. He should fight in LS General Elections in 2024.” read his tweet which was posted on Sunday.

Check out his post here :


As retired cricketers like Gautam Gambhir are already representing BJP party, Dhoni was highly expected to join the party as well. However, there was a rumour doing rounds in social media saying that the main reason behind the cricketer’s decision was Jay Amitbhai Shah, son of BJP head Amit Shah who recently became the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. It is believed that Dhoni refused to campaign for the Jharkhand’s chief minister candidate of BJP when the party members approached. It is notable that the cricketer hasn’t involved in any kind of activities proposed by Prime minister Narendra Modi since the COVID 19 pandemic.

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