BJP Kalyan Wants No Woman To Become Priest Because Of This Reason !!

On Sunday, Tamil nadu minister Sekar Babu announced that women who are trained in “Agama Sastra” can be appointed as priests in Temples. “Agama sastra” is a manual for worship and rituals in temples. As soon as the announcement was made, debates started taking place in the state between two set of people who support and oppose it. Many expressed their disappointment over the doors of temple opening for women.


The minister said that they would be considering all those aspects and other practical aspects such as “five day leave for women” to stay away from rituals during menstruation. Madras High court, in 2008, through an order, allowed women to take the job of her father who worked as a priest after his demise.


“When media persons asked me [on Saturday] whether women will be allowed to take up the role of temple priests, I said those who are trained in Agama Sastra will be allowed. If there are requests or grievances from women who would love to take up the role of temple priests, we will definitely consider them. The criteria would be their expertise in Agama tradition. If there are such requests, they may be given necessary training and interviewed before we absorb them,” Minister Sekar Babu said to media portals.

However, a set of people who couldn’t accept women conducting Poojas, has been stating various reasons from their perception. A statement made by “BJP Kalyan” whose bio says that he is a Former National Secretary-BJMM, Former Fulltime Worker-ABVP, has created shock waves in Twitter. Through his tweets, Kalyan says that women shouldn’t be allowed to conduct Poojas in temples due to the presence of lustful men in the society.


“If a male priest performs the rituals and gives offerings to devotees without wearing a shirt, there will be true devotees. Their thoughts will be focussed on God. No one would see the priest’s bare body as half-naked.” Kalyan said and went on to interpret an example with a female priest in the same situation. He said “Upis” will enter the temples as devotees and true devotees wouldn’t have enough space to stand.

“They would look at the female priests in an inappropriate way which is enough reason not to make women as priests. I am ready to answer people who has knowledge in Agama” he said in his tweet. Check out his tweets below :

The reasons stated by “BJP Kalyan” sparked outrage in social media platforms with many criticizing his perception towards women becoming priests. Check out some of the reactions below :



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