BJP Kalyan Asked The Address & Phone Number Of This Girl !! Internet Reacts

For creating awareness about EIA 2020 draft through a video, a common girl named as Padma Priya faced several problems that she got forced to delete her video. Kalyan, a BJP member asked for the address, phone number and the name of the girl in Twitter and it created huge controversy. The new Environmental Impact Assessment of India became a subject to severe criticism due to its weak process.


The Environmental Impact Assessment is a process or study which predicts the effect of a proposed industrial/infrastructural project on the environment. It prevents the proposed activity/projects from being approved without proper oversight or taking adverse consequences into account. The new EIA draft of India is widely criticized for its problematic changes in rules. Experts believe most of the provisions in the new draft of EIA proves to be a regressive departure from the earlier version.

The union ministry of the environment, forest and climate change unveiled the draft to the public in March 2020 seeking to replace the 2006 version of the law. The number of people who are opposing the new draft is increasing in daily manner. On 30th June, the Delhi high court extended the deadline for the public to express their opinions on the EIA Draft 2020. August 11 is the last day for public to state their objection through sending mail to

One of the main reason behind the draft being opposed by experts is the post-facto environmental clearance for several large scale projects, including industrial projects, which have potential to cause severe damage to the environment. For instance, all inland waterway projects and national highways expansion projects need not obtain environmental clearance before the work on the projects begin. Instead, the developers can obtain a clearance after starting the project which is called as post-facto environmental clearance. Earlier, in 2020 Supreme court disapproved this practice saying that it will lead to irreparable degradation of the environment.

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The EIA draft which weakens the public consultation process by reducing the number of days within which the public can express their opinions, also suggests that the violation of environmental laws can be reported only by government authorities or the developers of the project. It means that public people and environmental activists cannot raise voice against any project like in the past. The draft asks the violators themselves to self-report against them about breaking the law.


Among the many experts and public people, Padma Priya also uploaded a video to create awareness about the new draft. Her video went extremely viral in all the social media platforms, result of which, people who are supporting the draft started calling her for debates. “I want the girl’s name, phone number and address of the girl who spoke about EIA. Someone send it to me in the inbox” asked BJP Kalyan through his tweet.

For the threatening tone, people started calling out the former national secretary of BJMM. Independent filmmaker Leena Manimekalai asked for his address through a tweet, to condemn him whereas many others slammed him.


Now, she came up with a new video explaining that one doesn’t need to be a expert or environmental activist to state their opinion in this country. “I deleted my video because of the pressure I received, But it got reached widely and I am happy about it.” she said in the video.

Watch the video here :


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