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BJP Annamalai Criticized PTR For Replying To Online Trolls!!

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BJP Annamalai Criticized PTR For Replying To Online Trolls!!

K Annamalai, BJP’s state president has replied to P Thiaga Rajan’s reply to a Twitter user. Annamalai has said that it is not fair to reply to a common man on Twitter.

Dr. P. Thiaga Rajan, Finance minister of Tamil Nadu has posted a tweet on 07.09.2021, saying that he has given power supply to 50 families. These families have been living without current for 20 years. Seeing a piece of news on News 18 Tamil Nadu and has done the needy.


He posted another tweet saying that he said that he entered politics after achieving and serving for his family while working abroad. He has said that he has come to follow the footsteps of his forefathers and is grateful to be a finance minister.

A Twitter user has posted a tweet quoting the words of Dr. P. Thiaga Rajan, “Achieved Enough”. He has also mentioned Lehman Brothers where P T R worked. Lehman Brothers an investment banking company faced its downfall due to bankruptcy in 2008. The user has mocked P T R for bragging about his achievements in a bankrupted company.

P T R has nevertheless, given back to the user’s comment. He has challenged the stranger and has addressed him as minion.

Noticing this, K. Annamalai, BJP State President of Tamil Nadu has replied being at a position in the Government one should not brag about his achievements. He has finished the tweet by saying that he hopes P T R would understand the same.

People have commented in ways contradicting Annamalai’s tweet. Here are few of them:



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