Bizarre Video Of Two Families Fighting At Kundrathur Murugan Temple Goes Insanely Viral !! Check Reason


A video of two families physically fighting over a marriage slot at a Murugan temple Kundrathur area, Chennai is going viral among the users of social media platforms. It has been reported that the families involved in the distasteful behaviour after an argument broke out on performing the wedding ritual first. As the matter got escalated from verbal spat to a fist fight, the bizarre incident is grabbing headlines with the video trending in Internet.

The viral video shows people who belong to two different groups swinging punches at each other in front of the Murugan Temple gate. A woman who was dressed as bride was not spared as she could be seen being dragged into the physical violence. Groom who belongs to one of the families, leaves the wedding stage and tries to stop the fight only to get physically hurt.

Sharing the video in the timeline of her offcial twitter account, Shilpa, a journalist wrote “Which couple will tie the knot first? Two families fight it out at the Murugan temple in Chennai’s Kundrathur area! Looks like the groom also got caught in between” as her caption. Check out her tweet below :

The video also shows people thronging at the temple, abandoning the restrictions that were imposed by the government due to COVID 19 virus in the state. The 21 second long video is currently trending in Internet with public reacting to it in various ways. “Social functions are the super spreader events. Govt should kindly take necessary steps to avoid crowding of people in such events.” a social media user wrote on seeing the video whereas another one said “Well, today was the last muhurtha naal of this month… I understood this after a severe negotiation of prices with a hotel receptionist who used it as an excuse for giving me the room with the highest tariff”

Check out some of such reactions below :


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