“Billa, Thee, Baashha Are The Best Don Films Comparing To Naayagan” – Rajini Fan !! Superstar’s Statement Goes Viral

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CM / Updated: 2021-06-02
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A statement made by Superstar Rajinikanth after watching Kamal Haasan’s “Naayagan” goes viral among the online fans of Tamil cinema. Director P. Vaasu who directed Rajinikanth in blockbuster “Chandramukhi” and “Kuselan” disclosed about the reaction of Rajinikanth in a recent interaction with director cum actor Chithra Lakshmanan. A regular comparison post between Rajinikanth’s “Baashha” and Kamal haasan’s “Nayagan” caused the debate between the fans of the two iconic actor of Tamil cinema.


It is very well known to all of us that Ulaganaayan Kamal Haasan and Superstar Rajinikanth are the two pillars of Tamil cinema. Every aspiring actor who wants to be an actor in Tamil cinema must have been inspired either by Kamal Haasan or by Rajinikanth. Both them achieved many milestones in their respective career and fan base of both the actors is immense even today.

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Being introduced by legendary filmmaker K Balachander, both of them identified as best friends since the day they started sharing screen space together. After appearing along with Kamal Haasan in few movies as a character artist, Rajinikanth started acting as solo hero in movies after the former advised him to take care of his own career. Now the Superstar actor has a fan base which no other hero in the world could imagine.

Verbal spat between the fans of both the actors are still taking place in social media platforms. Recently, a social media user uploaded the pictures of “Nayagan”, “Baashha” and asked the twitter users to quote their favourite “Gangster” film.


Replying to this post, a follower came up with a reply saying that “Billa”, “Thee” of Rajinikanth are original gangster films. He said that the film which had a folk song by having Kuyili as dancer and a scene which is still being trolled by fans for the “crying” scene of Kamal couldn’t be compared with the deadly “Baashha” film.


Replying to this tweet, a fan of actor Kamal Haasan came up with a video of director P. Vaasu narrating how Rajinikanth felt after watching “Naayagan”. “After watching “Naayagan”, I immediately consumed alcohol. I couldn’t feel the impact of it. I drunk two more glasses but couldn’t feel it. Immediately I called Kamal Haasan and said ‘The impact of Velu Naayakar is more powerful than three glasses of wine” Rajinikanth said according to P. Vasu.

Here’s the video :

Comment your views on this debate between Rajinikanth and Kamal fans !! Which film do you think the best gangster one in the history of Tamil cinema ??

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