“BIGIL Fat Shamed Pandiyamma” – Said A Set Of Fans !! Here’s What Pandiyamma Has To Say!!

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3 years ago

Director Atlee who is known for his collaboration with actor Vijay, is one of the highest paid directors in Kollywood. Being a former assistant of Shankar, Atlee’s way of presenting his films and the castings he choose for the characters are considered as his major qualities. All the three films of Atlee became blockbusters despite of the plagiarism controversies. His latest film “Bigil” hit the screens as Diwali release and making big numbers in box office as well.



“Bigil” revolves around a youngster who is an aspiring football player, diverts himself from his dream to take revenge of the murderers who killed his father. He then forms a women football team to achieve his father’s dream of providing an identity to his slum through excelling in football game.


During the final game of the match, in which Vijay’s team would require three goals in 40 minutes, the protagonist would start scolding his players for their inability in order to motivate them indirectly. In that process, he would call one of a player as “Gundamma” (Fat lady) which would offend her personally. To prove herself in the ground to her coach, she would score a tremendous goal, using her body strength and would thank her coach for his motivation.


Watch the scene here :

However, this doesn’t go well with some of the audience who felt that “fat-shaming” is not a way to motivate a player. They expressed their thoughts through micro blogging social media platform, twitter. Check out some of their reactions below :


However, Indhraja, popular comedy actor Robo Shankar’s daughter and the one who played the “Pandiyamma” role, in an earlier interview said that Vijay hesitated a lot before doing that scene. In the video, we can see her saying that Atlee and Vijay asked for her permission multiple times and shot the scene only after her consent. She even said that the actor apologized to her for calling her by that name.

Watch the clip below :

What do you think on this scene featured in Bigil ?? Comment your views below !!

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