Biggest Youtube Content Creator Mr.Beast Brutally Trolled India !!

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7 months ago

Jimmy Donaldson who is popularly known as Mr. Beast made fun of India after going through a strange encounter with a guy from the country. Being one of the biggest content creators of the youtube platform with 100 million subscribers, Mr.Beast said that guy from India wanted to take a selfie with him but when asked about which video he liked the most, the Indian replied that he just wanted to take a selfie with a tall white guy.

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Apart from enjoying 100 million subscribers through his main channel, the youtuber also running other channels of him such as “shorts”. He is popular on the platform for posting larger than life videos. Few of his famous videos includes his own version of Squid Game which breached several records and watched by 3 million South Koreans alone and Willy Wonka Chocolate factory that saw his collaboration with popular chef Gordon Ramsey.

Most lately, Mr. Beast who holds a huge followership in country India, is on a mission and it is nothing but himself wanting to collaborate with an Indian content creator. He also announced about his maiden trip to India for that purpose and his Instagram story evidently proved it only the news about his visit to grab headlines among the fans and gaming community.


Mr. Beast, not only running massively popular channels that include Mr. Beast Gaming, Reacts and Philanthropy and others, his arsenal also includes international channels that reupload his videos from his main channel and are often dubbed by beloved personalities of those respective countries.

On Wednesday evening, the youtuber came up with a tweet in his twitter timeline, explaining about an incident he experienced due to the approach of an Indian guy. “I was walking around in India and someone asked for a picture. So I asked my translator to ask him what his favorite MrBeast video is and he said that he doesn’t know what a MrBeast is and just wanted a photo with a tall white guy lol” read the tweet of MrBeast.

Here’s his tweet :

The tweet garnered wide reach within no time and several kind of reactions about the obsession on white skin for people in country India are being flooded. Check out some of the reactions below :

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