Bigg Boss Fame Vaishnavi Exposed A Creepy Stalker !! HORRIFIC

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9 months ago

Vaishnavi of Bigg Boss season 2 fame, on Monday, came up with a series of tweets explaining about a traumatic experience she went through while walking her dog near he house. According to her tweets, the youth, in his scooter, followed her for a long time which left her shaking and required her to avoid him by not letting him to know her house. The Television star shared the videos and tagged Chennai Police to get him arrested.


“Was followed and stalked by a creepy dude today very close to where I live. I was walking my dog and this guy on a bike kept following around pretending to be on a phone call while very obviously staring at me” Vaishnavi said through her frst tweet which contained the video of the suspect.

“I didn’t want him to know where I lived so I walked away and turned a corner and I knew he’d follow me so I waited and got him on video and then I rushed home before he could see where I live” Vaishnavi further said and went on to add “What was so scary was how brazenly he was parked and staring right at me. I faked a phone call to get a video of him even”

“This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me but I’m still shaking, knowing that I can’t go out for a walk with my dog in supposedly one of the safest areas of Chennai without worrying for my own safety” Vaishnavi further said. “Men are absolutely trash. I hate how much power a random man has over me, that I spent the last 30 minutes imagining the worst, and I’m still shaking like a leaf because of this” she said and expressed her fear over getting attacked by him for reporting against him through her tweets.

Vaishnavi rose to fame after appearing in Bigg Boss show as one of the contestants. She got married to the love of her life years ago and is pretty much active in social media platforms. She who acted in a number of short films, is vocal about creating awareness on sexual harassment for women and has also stretched her supportive hand to Chinmayi during the “Me Too” movement.

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