BIGG BOSS Star Wants To Link Aadhaar Card With FB, Insta Accounts !!

Meera Mithun who constantly comes up with various kind of accusations against familiar personalities, now suggested government an idea to avoid cyber bullying. Through one of her recent tweets, Meera Mitun tagged prime minister Narendra Modi and said that it would help in tracking the criminals who gets involved in cyberbullying against women.

Every profile in social media should be linked to adhar card, to track the criminals,nobody will have guts to do anything on SM platforms they ll be caught easily.Woman can grow without having any dirt on their feminity womanhood will be saved from abuse” read the tweet she posted in her official micro blogging platform.

Here’s her tweet :

This tweet from Meera Mitun surfaced after she faced online harassment in social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter. “I have made innumerous complaints against those culprits who defamed my feminity by using my pictures on pornsites, releasing my phone number, few paid media’s are behind this . I need help. LET Me be the last women who get tortured like this” she wrote in her another tweet.

After the end of Bigg Boss season-3, Meera Mithun, one of a female contestant is very much busy in social media platforms, especially in Twitter. Being one of the most controversial contestant of the Bigg Boss show, Meera Mithun accused almost every housemate who participated along with her in the reality game show. To an extent, she even accused Kamal Haasan, the host of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Cyber bullying is a serious problem right now as many random social media users are finding it very easy to harass a woman. However this idea of linking social media from her triggered Meera Mitun’s tweet to troll her for various reason. Check out some of their reactions below :

What do you think on this suggestion provided by Meera Mitun ?? Comment your views below !!


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