Bigg Boss Star Called Out Tamil Uncles For Their Mannerless Behaviour Inside Flight !!

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6 months ago

Vaishnavi of Tamil Bigg Boss fame, on Thursday, through a series of tweets, called out a group of Tamil uncles who displayed obnoxious behaviour inside flight. The incident happened while the former radio jockey was traveling to Bangkok. Through the series of tweets, Vaishnavi also recorded a video of herself in which we could hear the men conversing in a loud manner, disturbing others.


The Television personality accused the 10-12 man of behaving rude to the cabin crew of Thai airways. She also called them out for not listening to the instructions and always demanding. “New found respect for @ThaiAirways cabin crew. Last 2 flights to Bangkok there were gangs of middle aged Tamil uncles who have left their wives behind to have an “enjoy trip” in Bangkok with their buddies and basically drink and buy alcohol” Vaishnavi said through her tweet.

“The absolute terrible behaviour I saw from these men – travelling in gangs of 10-12 – loud obnoxious, mannerless, right from the airport gate to inside the aircraft – complete and utter disregard for their fellow passengers, acting as if they own the plane!” she further added.

Narrating about the ordeal, Vaishnavi said that the group of men behaved like an a**hole and acted like they have license to it just because they bought a ticket to travel in the flight. She also pointed out how they talked about returning to their houses and demeaned their wives. “They’re the kind who probably go off on “business trips” while the wife is stuck at home taking care of kids” she wrote.

“The amount of second hand embarrassment I felt yesterday, just being from the same country as these people! I mean there are obnoxious rude entitles people in every country, but this is something I’ve seen multiple times on routes like Chennai-Bangkok and Chennai-dubai” Vaishnavi fumed.

Reacting to the relies that surfaced for her tweet thread, Vaishnavi continued the thread writing “Also some people saying “ageism” and all, pls stfu. This is just Indians in general. Mostly men though. Young or old it doesn’t matter. It’s the intention, the route and the behaviour. No one is saying don’t have fun, but behave. This is public space, public property.”

“My example was specific to 2 instances of gangs of middle aged Indian men who have possibly lied to their wives to go to Bangkok on a “boys trip”, acting all rowdy and uncouth, and then pretending like going home is a fucking nightmare. Old or young I’d have called this out.” her next tweet read.

“And again, not shittibg on Tamil people specifically, because this is just general behaviour in Indian men going to BKK . My example just so happened to be on a BKK – MAA flight and as a Tamil person their conversation and behaviour was something that stood out to me” she further wrote as her reply to the reactions.

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