Bigg Boss Contestant Blames Mother Of Sujith For Being Careless !!

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CM / Updated: 2019-10-27
03:13 IST

2-year-old Sujith fell into a deep borewell in Nadukattupatti of Tiruchirappalli district on Friday. Even after 30 hours of the incident, rescue operation for the 2 year old Sujith Wilson is still on.


In a set back to the rescue mission, Sujith who was at a 30 meter depth initially has now fallen further down to a distance of 70 meters.Soon after receiving the information, rescue teams rushed the spot and first dug the land adjacent to the borewell, using an earthmover, to create a tunnel to reach Sujith. However, the fire service team stopped drilling the land due to rock terrains below 10 feet.


The recent update says that a “rig” vehicle reached the destination of the incident to save the kid. It is also said that Sujith is going to be rescued by digging a hole for 100 feet deep parellelly to the borewell to build a route.


It is not clear yet how deep the borewell is. While some say it is 600-feet deep, others put its depth at 1,000 feet.”Initially one of his hands was knotted using a rope sent through a pipe and he remained in a depth of 26 feet. Attempts to knot the other hand too and pull him up slipped in the last moment,” Tamil Nadu health minister C Vijayabaskar, who is on the ground with rescuers, said.

save sujith

Meanwhile Gayathri Raguramm, a member of BJP political party, has posted a series of tweets to express her opinions about the incident. She blamed the people who are responsible for the accident, including the Mother of Sujith. The first tweet of her said that this kind of accident is not happening for the first time. She asked the parents and public to be careful instead of finding an equipment.

Followed by this, she posted another tweet saying equipments could not be found for people’s carelessness. Check out her tweet regarding this below :


To one of a follower, Gayathri said, that equipment to rescue the child is available and it is called as “Slab”.

Here’s her reply to an online user who asked her if she is even a mother of a child or not:

Let us pray for Sujith to be rescued soon !!

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