BIGG BOSS 2 : Kissing Task For “Tassakku” Song ?? : This New Promo Creates Curious !!


The Bigg Boss housemates begin their day by getting ready to perform the second task for luxury budget. The housemates are divided into two teams – one team’s members will have to narrate a story and the other team has to figure out whether the story is true or false. The contestants in the storytelling team are called to the confession room to let Bigg Boss know if their story is true or not. The storytelling team has Balaji, Nithya, Yaashika Aanand, Mumtaz, Vaishnavi and Mahat.

Estranged couple Balaji and Nithya take this as an opportunity to tell the housemates their life story. While Nithya concentrates on how she is today a successful single mother, Balaji expresses his guilt and how he misses his father who is no more. He feels that his father could have helped him solve the problem that he finds himself in today. He does mention how his wife had helped him when he had left his family.

The housemates then disperse. The cooking team begins making the lunch, and Nithya is asked to cook a meal of her choice. Balaji notices that the quantity of carrots is less and may not be enough for the 16 of them and suggests to Mahat that they add onions. For some reason, Nithya refuses to do the same. The other housemates come forward and try to convince her that this is not a task, but a genuine concern as there might not be enough food for the house. Yet, Nithya is stubborn and won’t agree. This makes Aishwarya angry, who announces that she might not have lunch and leaves the living area.

Here we go in today’s Bigg boss tamil season 2 promo contestant kisses and tasaku song from vekram vedha is been played balajee and his wife seems to be having a nice time let’s wait and watch today’s reality show for full update Watch promo below 

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