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CM / Updated: 2021-01-20
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Director Lakshman who made the recently released “Bhoomi” of Jayam Ravi and Nidhi Agarwal, has replied to an online user who trolled him after watching his film. The 25th film of “Jayam” Ravi was supposed to get a theatrical release during May 2020 but got directly released on Disney plus hotstar due to the COVID 19 outbreak. The director-actor duo worked on two successful projects named “Romeo Juliet”, a romantic comedy and “Bhogan”, a supernatural thriller prior “Bhoomi” and their third collaboration released with highest expectations among the audience.


The film intents to be a geopolitical drama about the daunting challenges faced by the agricultural sector of the country. The filmmaker started “Bhoomi” by showing Bhoominathan (played by Jayam Ravi) as a NASA scientist who nurtures the ambition of colonising Mars through cultivation. The protagonist is trying to create a new liveable planet for human civilization.


However, after knowing about the plight of farmers in his own country, Bhoomi stays and gives up ambition of creating a new world and changes it into a mission of saving earth from the greedy corporates. He decides to promote farming as a lucrative enterprise and wants people to achieve great financial independence through it.

Ever since the film released on OTT, it became a subject to massive troll in social media platforms. Memes, trolls and criticisms are surfacing in constant manner targeting the filmmaker for his ideology about farming and agriculture. Most recently, a twitter user named Balakumaran watched the movie and compared it with some of the disasters in Tamil cinema history. He also requested the “Thani Oruvan” actor to stop working with Lakshman in his tweet by tagging both of them.

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“Bhoomi seriously one of the worst movies I have ever seen. On par with #Sura #Aalwar #Anjaan #Rajapattai.. from start to finish nothing works @actor_jayamravi please stop working with @dirlakshman” read the tweet of the user.

Here’s the tweet :

Replying to this tweet, another follower named Madhavan mocked director Lakshman by saying that he is going to block him for posting a negative comment about his film.

These tweets grabbed the attention of the filmmaker himself who came in to put a full stop to all the trolls and criticisms. “I thought about the wellness of our future generation and made this film. I could have easily made a commercial film like “Romeo Juliet” but I made this film for you” said Lakshman and added a popular dialogue “Nam Naadum Naattu Makkalum Naaamai pogattum” (Let this country and the people of it be perished) of legendary villain P.S Veerappa in his tweet.


“Sir na eduthathu entha padam pannanum Namma ellarum future generation nallaerrukanamnu nenaichen ungallukaga tha eduthen bro Romeo Juliet edutha ennaku comercial theriyadha nam nadum nattu makkalum nasamai pogattum bro nenga super bro you win I loose” read the tweet of the filmmaker.

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