“Best Performance Award Goes To Yashika & Aishwarya !!” Says This Former BB Contestant !! Labels As “MUDHALAI KANNEER” !!

CM / Updated: 2018-08-26
22:30 IST

As expected Mahat eliminated this week from the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil as he got the lowest number of votes from the audience. Mumtaz, Sendrayan, Balaji, Mahat were the nominated contestants for this week of Bigg Boss where it is reportedly said that Mumtaz received the vast number of votes.


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For the first in Tamil bigg boss history Mahat was eliminated with a red card indicating his anger manner. While he was being eliminated from the house every contestants had their last words with him where Balaji said that he had a big danger inside the house from which he was saved now by being evicted.


Mahat Raghavendra has been consistently being violent during the tasks and had caused injuries to a few contestants that include Danny. Moreover, his verbal abuses had crossed all the limits for which Kamal Haasan ripped him apart on Saturday’s episode.

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Like Mahat, Mumtaz has irked the viewers to some extent, but the actress has managed to win a section of people’s love with her sincerity. Unlike others, she is not a cunning candidate.

Yashika and Aishwarya both hugged him with tears rolling down her tears. After Mahat left they both went inside the smoking room and Yashika broke into tears. She cried for a long time and Aishwarya tried to console her. Mumtaz tried to knock the door and her hesitation stopped her.

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Daniel also knocked the door to which they denied to open it and asked who is it and said “will come few minutes later”. It made Danny complain it to Mumtaz and Balaji.


Meanwhile actress Harathi one of the contestant of previous edition bashed the behaviour of Yashika and Aishwarya in her twitter account. Earlier she stood for Mumtaz when everyone including Kamal criticized her last week. Now seeing Mahat’s elimination episode she still hates the trio.

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She wrote “best performance award goes to & mudhalai kaneer… don’tworry girls next week double elimination panna solrom jodiya poidunga

try not eliminate you…

Following that she also wrote another tweet in which she felt that both the girls ruined Mahat’s reputation. She wrote “Both girls spoiled one hero life… But all for good will be very careful with girls hereafter… Hope understands him & have wonderful life ahead… Hope u learnt good lesson for life

Here’s  the comments poured to her tweet :

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