Bengaluru Man Donates Rare ‘Bombay Negative’ Blood To Save Pregnant Woman In Chennai


21 year-old woman gives safe birth to baby girl at Chennai government hopsital, on Tuesday, after receiving blood from Aditya Hegde, a 34 year- old finance professional, who travelled all the way from bangalore to Chennai, to donate blood.

The pregnant woman hailing from a small village near Kallakurichi, near Vilupuram, was admitted in the Government Hospital for Women and Children Egmore. The doctors did not take much time to remember the incident when, she was admitted there for a C-section, doctors noticed that she had a rare blood group “HH negative group” or the Bombay group.

“At that time, she was healthy. After a C-section, we told her things may not be easy the second time as she may require blood transfusion. We counselled her to come to us at least 15 days ahead of her due date so we can draw her own blood and preserve it for later use,” recalls hospital director Dr. Shaanthy Gunasingh.

She adds that,the hospital informed her last time to get admitted 15 days prior so that they will have sufficient time to arrange blood. But unfortunately she failed to do that. So that they had to arrange blood in the very last minute.

“In A group, the person has A antigen and B antibody. While those with AB have both the antigens and no antibodies, people with O group have only antibodies. In all these groups, there is another antigen called H. Those with Bombay group have all the three antibodies and none of the three antigens,” said Dr P Jayanthi, blood officer at the hospital.

Sources say that, the hospital possess the contact of ten donors of bombay blood group, but then all of them had RH+, and the patient required RH- and thats why it has become a difficult task to arrange blood. But luckily Hegde lend his helping hand and saved a life.


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