Benedict Anto : “She Forced Me To Marry Her” – Church Father’s New Confession

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-13
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Benedict Anto, a church father from Kanyakumari landed in trouble after his scandalous video went viral in social media platforms. The recent incident involving a priest in Kanyakumari has shocked the entire nation. It has been reported that the priest, who is 29 years old, had been luring young girls into his trap by talking to them through social media platforms such as WhatsApp. He would then talk obscenely with them, get intimate with them, take a video of the act, and threaten and rape them. It is believed that many young girls and women fell prey to his predatory behavior but they were afraid to speak up for fear of intimidation.

Benedict Anto : "She Forced Me To Marry  Her"
Benedict Anto

On March 20th, news broke that a priest by the name of Benedict Ando had been arrested by special forces police in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari. It was revealed that he had been threatening college students and young women with the release of nude images. Benedict Ando had been working as a priest in a church in the Bilangalai area.

Benedict Anto : "She Forced Me To Marry  Her"
Benedict Anto with his Girlfriend

Over the past few months, a series of videos had been released on social media showing Benedict Ando engaging in obscenities with women. These videos, along with photos and WhatsApp chats, were uploaded under the name “priest’s leelas” and had quickly gone viral. Amongst the most concerning details to emerge from these videos were reports that the women involved were being sexually harassed and threatened with the release of nude images.

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Despite the investigations and the growing number of complaints against him, Benedict Ando went into hiding. However, the special forces police managed to track him down to a farmhouse in Nagercoil, where he was arrested while they searched various other locations.

Benedict Anto : "She Forced Me To Marry  Her"
Police Arrested

Four more girls from Chennai and Bangalore filed a case against Benedict Anto at Kanyakumari Police station. The case has caused a great deal of concern among the women who were in contact with the priest. They are worried that they may be investigated based on the documents seized from the accused. The priest himself has expressed concern for his safety while in prison and has requested that he be transferred to another facility.

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Benedict Anto : "She Forced Me To Marry  Her"
Benedict Anto :

Now, a woman from Kulasekaram of Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, filed a complaint against Benedict Anto. Going by her complaint, She was involved in WhatsApp Chatting with Benedict during last year. However, she cut ties with him after sensing him behaving strangely.

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In her complaint, the complainant said that Benedict continued to harass despite her attempts to avoid him completely. Officials of Cyber Crime department took the accused into the custody and inquired him for a day. During the interrogation, Benedict said that the woman was visiting the church for prayer frequently and they started chatting through whatsApp, messenger and phone call. The accused, reportedly said that he stopped talking to her after she forced him to marry her. He also ended many such relationships due to the same reason, according to the report of Thanthi TV.

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This case highlights the need for vigilance and accountability when it comes to instances of sexual harassment and abuse. It also underscores the importance of listening to and supporting victims who come forward with complaints of such misconduct.

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The Indian Penal Code provides strong legal protections for women who have been victimized in this way, and it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary to ensure that justice is served. It is also important for communities to come together to raise awareness and promote a culture of respect and equality, where such behavior is not tolerated and victims feel empowered to speak out.

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