Benedict Anto, A Church Father Landed In Trouble After His Private Video With A College Girl Went Viral !!

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Benedict Anto, a church father from Kanyakumari landed in trouble after his scandalous video went viral in social media platforms. The recent incident involving a priest in Kanyakumari has shocked the entire nation. It has been reported that the priest, who is 29 years old, had been luring young girls into his trap by talking to them through social media platforms such as WhatsApp. He would then talk obscenely with them, get intimate with them, take a video of the act, and threaten and rape them. It is believed that many young girls and women fell prey to his predatory behavior but they were afraid to speak up for fear of intimidation.

Police complaint by a Woman against Anto

As news of the priest’s lewd acts spread, many videos and chats of him with young girls started circulating on social media platforms. These videos showed the priest indulging in inappropriate behavior with young girls and kissing them in a vulgar and lewd manner. The incident created a stir in Kanyakumari district, and many people started protesting against the priest.

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Following the release of these videos, it was reported that the priest had been fired from his job. However, he went into hiding as the police began their investigation into his actions. Meanwhile, a young woman named Mini Ajitha, who had been victimized by the priest, filed a complaint with the District Superintendent of Police. In her complaint, she detailed the priest’s behavior and how he had lured young girls into his trap.

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Benedict Anto

According to Mini Ajitha, her son’s friend, a 19-year-old student from Bilangalai who was studying in a private law college, had been introduced to her family. A friendship had developed between them, and they would often talk to each other through WhatsApp. One day, her son’s friend called her in distress and said that he and his sister were going to commit suicide because they had been sexually harassed. She immediately went to meet them with her two sons.

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source : Polimer

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Upon meeting the young man and his sister, they both revealed that the priest of the parish where they worshipped had made obscene chats through his cell phone, made video calls, and had called them to come to a private room, in a way of making sexual advances. When they met the priest, he admitted his mistake and asked the young man to delete the pornographic recordings from his cell phone. However, when they looked at his phone, they discovered that the priest had engaged in inappropriate relations with many other girls and women, including the daughter of an important person in the council.

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Church father

Mini Ajitha scolded the priest for his behavior and demanded that he must delete the obscene posts. However, the priest threatened them and warned them not to reveal his actions to anyone. This incident made it clear that the priest was using his position of power to prey on young girls and women.

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A complaint has been raised to police by the priest’s family that a group of individuals attacked and stole a personal laptop of him but he did not report the theft to the police. Recently, a video was posted on social media showing the priest sharing a screen with a woman, kissing her, and singing along with her. It has been reported that the priest has a history of misconduct with women, with complaints previously filed against him at different police stations. Initial investigations suggest that the perpetrators who stole the laptop and attacked the priest were from Kollankodu.

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Church Priest

This incident highlights the need for stricter laws to protect young girls and women from sexual predators. The priest’s actions have not only caused immense harm to the victims but have also tarnished the reputation of the church. It is essential to take strict action against such perpetrators and ensure that they are held accountable for their actions. And the incident involving the priest in Kanyakumari is a grave reminder of the prevalence of sexual abuse in our society. It is time for all of us to come together to create a safer environment for our children and to ensure that sexual predators are brought to justice. The Kanyakumari police are in search of culprit.

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