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Bank Removed Its Employee After Seeing His Tweets Against South Indians ??



Bank Removed Its Employee After Seeing His Tweets Against South Indians ??

For past two days, a screenshot of a Twitter user named as Shubham Tripathi who claimed that he is an employee of Bank of Baroda in his twitter bio losing his job due one of his tweet through which he said that South Indian should be expelled from the country for refusing to learn Hindi, doing rounds in the micro blogging social media site.


In his tweet, Shubham Tripathi who attached national flag in his twitter handle name, said that South Indians should be expelled from the country for refusing Hindi. He who said that Hindi must be official language of every state, believed Modi will ensure.

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Subham also posted a number of other tweets slamming South Indians for refusing Hindi.


Among the several reactions he received, one of a Twitter user tagged the official twitter account of Bank of Baroda and asked why they hired people like Shubham who are spewing hatred in social media. “why do you guys employ such hate mongers?” read his reply tweet.

Here’s the screenshot of Shubam’s twitter bio :



Replying to this comment, Bank of Baroda said that such act is strongly condemnable and it is against the Social media policy of the bank. They also said that the investigation has been initiated. “Dear Sir, Bank of Baroda strongly condemns such behavior, it is against Social Media Policy of the Bank. We Thank you to bring this matter to our notice. We have initiated our investigation to find out if the profile is genuine, the needful shall be done in the matter. Thank you.” read the reply of the bank.

After this, a viral screenshot claiming that Shubam lost his job in Bank of Baroda surfaced in the micro blogging social media site. “I am sorry for my last 7-8 tweets. They fired my from my job” the screenshot showed Shubam’s tweet.


A number of Twitter users shared the series of tweets believing that Shubham got expelled from his job.


However, Bank of Baroda, while replying to other users who made similar complaints against Shubham, said that no such employee is working with their firm. “Dear Sir, The Bank hereby confirms that the said twitter handle does not belong to any staff member of Bank of Baroda.” their reply read.

The twitter handle of Shubham is currently unavailable and it is assumed to be a bot account that is being run my miscreants. A Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. The bot software may autonomously perform actions such as tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, following, unfollowing, or direct messaging other accounts.

However, the prompt reply of Bank of Baroda and their immediate action of investigating about the alleged employee is being lauded by the micro blogging social media users. They requested the Bank to continue their good service in coming days as well.

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