VIRAL VIDEO : Bangladesh Fans Trending “Cheating” Hashtag & Accused Kohli Of “Fake Fielding”!!

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5 months ago

Fans of team Bangladesh has been trending “Cheating” hashtag in the micro blogging social media site with reactions claiming 5 runs for an alleged offense committed by former Indian captain Virat Kohli in the field. The fans could be seen saying that Kohli gestured a “Fake fielding” during the match and as per the law, the offense offers 5 runs penalty to the opponents. They believe that their team could have won the match if those 5 runs were provided to them by the umpires.


On Wednesday, team Indian and Bangladesh faced each other for the first time in the ongoing t20 tournament. The match that took place in Adelaide Oval became a nail biting last ball thriller. As usual, the match fell in favour of the blue team as Bangladesh batsmen couldn’t score the 151 runs in the 16 overs, an equation that was reversed due to rain interruption.

The match is nothing short of a drama as it saw many ups and downs for both the teams. While Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Haasan stood firm and maintained the match was played in good spirits, Nurul Haasan, the team’s wicket keeper batter expressed his displeasure over the “wet-outfield” and went on to accuse star Indian player Virat Kohli of “fake fielding”, claiming that it could have added five penalty runs and changed the result of the game if the umpires were watchful.


“Certainly, the field was wet and it had an impact and everyone saw that end eventually what I felt is that when we were talking there was a fake throw and it could have been a 5 penalty runs and that could have gone our way but unfortunately even that didn’t come” said Nurul to the reporters after India won the match by 5 runs.

The incident Noorul mentioned took place before the rain interruption. During the second delivery of the 7th over of Bangladesh chase, Litton Das pushed Axar Patel’s delivery towards the off side and came back for a couple. When Arshdeep Singh, the fielder threw the ball towards the keeper, Virat Kohli who was standing few metres in front of Dinesh Kartik, was seen making a gesture of collection the ball and throwing at bowler’s end while it was going towards the keeper.

Watch video :

As per the law 41.5 which deals with unfair play, “deliberate distraction deception or obstruction of batter” can lead to 5 penalty runs if the umpires find the fielding side guilty. However, in this case, Umpires seemingly didn’t see Kohli while he was doing it.

Hashtag cheating is trending in the micro blogging social media site by the fans of Bangladesh, under which we could see them fuming over their probable win of the 5 penalty runs were provided.

Check out some of them below :

However, cricket expert and commentator Harsha Bhogle who came across the hashtags and the series of incidents that took place, came up with a tweet in his official Twitter hand saying “So, for my friends in Bangladesh, please don’t look at fake fielding or wet conditions as a reason for not reaching the target. If one of the batters had stayed till the end, Bangladesh could have won it. We are all guilty of it….when we search for excuses, we don’t grow”

“On the fake fielding incident, the truth is that nobody saw it. The umpires didn’t, the batters didn’t and we didn’t either. Law 41.5 does make provision for penalising fake fielding (the umpire still has to interpret it thus) but no one saw it. So what do you do!” the veteran commentator said.

Check out his tweets below :

Recent reports says that Nurul Haasan might be sanctioned for criticizing the match officials as none of Shanton Or Liton were distracted or deceived.




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