Ban on Kabali ? No.. Not this time !

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Madras High Court has denied a petition which asked for ban on Kabali. The court has clearly stated that there is no interim ban on the release of the movie Kabali. The petitioner claimed that the tickets were inordinately over priced and the release of the movie should be issued stay order. They are being priced from Rs.500 to Rs.600/- and in some multiplexes the prices went upto Rs.1000/- also. Fans are ready to watch the movie at any cost. 

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However  Madras High court has refused to entertain that particular petition which means there would be no interim ban on this mega blockbuster of superstar Rajnikanth. The excitement has been buiding up in the run-up to the release of Kabali. Already there are several hundreds of people landing up outside theaters and trying to book their tickets. Most of the theaters are already sold out. Many people are heading to buy black tickets. By this black market economy is also thriving. Some people are also asking for a holiday on the day of the release of the movie. This is the case of Tamil Nadu.

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Coming to Karnataka, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has banned the screening of movie in five star hotels. Previously the shows were fixed in five high class hotels which included Hotel Lalith Ashok, Hotel Crown Plaza and Royal Orchid Resort. 

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But later notice was sent to all the five hotels to stop screening the movie. By then tickets were already sold out. It was beneficial to hotels as they could generate revenue by supplying the food through out the movie. But it would cause loss to the film distributors and theaters. And hence these screenings were cancelled.  

Source – India Today report


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