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Balaji Released The Video Of His “Behindwoods” Speech !!



Balaji Released The Video Of His “Behindwoods” Speech !!

Balaji Murugadoss who said that he is going to return the award which he received from Behindwoods youtube channel, finally revealed what he spoke at the stage while receiving the award. For not telecasting his award winning moment and the speech he made while receiving the award, Balaji said that he is going to return the award to the channel back. Now, the model cum Bigg Boss runner up uploaded a tweet revealing what he really spoke at the award function.


On Sunday, Bigg Boss fame Balaji Murugadoss came up with a series of tweets expressing his disappointment over popular youtube channel “Behindwoods”. He who received “Biggest sensation on reality Television award” at Behindwoods Gold TV & Digital awards, said that he is returning it. Through the tweets he had posted, it could be understood that the model got upset over the channel not telecasting his award winning speech or moment. Tweets of the Bigg Boss season 5 runner up suggests that he had spoken something about the Bigg Boss reviewers of the channel.


Balaji Murugadoss, a bodybuilder cum model who participated in the most recent edition of the Kamal Haasan hosting show, gained attention of the followers due to his outspoken attitude and charming looks. His “devil may care” attitude inside the Bigg Boss house impressed a set of people who turned his fans and made him stay inside the Bigg Boss house for 105 long days.

The aspiring actor is currently enjoying 7 lakh plus followers in the photo/video posting social media app. After coming out of the house, he garnered huge reception from the followers of the Bigg Boss show and also received awards, recognitions from a number of youtube channels and private firms. He was also got invited as a guest to open shops at various districts.


Now, after saying that he is going to return the award he received from Behindwoods for telecasting his speech, Balaji, finally revealed about the details of his speech to make public aware about it. In his tweet, Balaji said that he doesn’t wanted Behindwoods to assassinate the character of Bigg Boss contestants. “So what I actually spoke in behindhoods awards is please don’t assassinate contestants character in the name of review it will affect the future contestants And all the reviewers are not Mahatma Gandhi or mother teresa. I can only take responsibility of what I spoke. Thank you.” read his tweet.

Further he released a glimpse of his speech which was seemingly captured by a fan. “Here is a glimpse of my behindhoods speech. If you can’t take it don’t give it. Live let live” Balaji said while sharing the video.

Here’s his tweet :

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