Balaji Murugadoss’s “Beer-Bath” Video Received Severe Criticism From Netizens!!


Balaji Murugadoss, a bodybuilder cum model who participated in the ongoing Bigg Boss show hosted by Kamal Haasan, gained attention of the followers after he disclosed about his childhood days during a task provided by Bigg Boss named as “Kadanthu Vantha Paadhai”. Through the task, contestants were asked to tell audience and to their co-contestants about the hardest path they came through in their life.

Season 4 of Tamil Bigg Boss show got launched on the 4th of October by Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan. The show’s contestants included Shivani Narayanan, Vel Murugan, Rio Raj, Ramya Pandiyan, Aari Arjun, Samyuktha Karthik, Aranthangi Nisha, Gabriella Charlton, Jithan Ramesh, Aajeedh, Rekha, Anitha Sampath, Som shekar, Suresh Chakravarty, Balaji Murugadoss and Sanam Shetty.

On seeing the contestants list, fans started reacting in various ways. Army pages for the female contestants have started emerging in social media platforms. Balaji Murugadoss, who initially attracted audience with his well built body, grabbed the attention of the family audience after talking about the struggles he faced as a child.

Balaji said that he has suffered severe physical abuse by his father in childhood. He said that his father who is an alcoholic, used to beat him up with the tube used on LPG gas cylinders when he was sleeping. “I would feel sudden pain in the head. Would run here and there with pain. Only after seeing my dad with the gas tube, I realized that he has beaten me.” Balaji said in the episode who added that his Mother also involved in abusing him physically after consuming alcohol.

He said that his parents never attended the parents-teachers meeting since his childhood. After narrating the physical tortures he went through, Balaji questioned the parents why they are giving birth to a child if they couldn’t take care of him/her properly. This emotional outburst from the young lad led other contestants such as Rio, Ramya, Suresh to console him.

This separate episode of Bigg Boss show, increased the supporters of Balaji Murugadoss. Fans poured love on him for the way he suffered in childhood and domestic violence against children became a trending topic in social media platforms.

Now, an old Tik Tok video of Balaji Murugadoss pouring a bottle of alcohol on himself got surfaced in the micro blogging social media site, leaving the users of it in utter shock. The one who shared the video, sarcastically said that Balaji is so poor that he couldn’t even afford water to bath.

“யோக்கியன் #BalajiMurugaDoss 😄ஏழை தாயின் மகன் ..குடிகார பெற்றோரின் மகன் .. பாவம் ல 😞ச்சா ஒரு மனுஷன் குளிக்க கூட பாத்ரூம் இல்லாம ஷாம்பு வாங்க கூட காசு இல்லாம பீர் ஊத்தி குளிக்கிறாரு பாவம்” his caption read.

Watch the video below :

This video received various kind of reactions. When a set of people said that the show Bigg Boss is full of lies, another group said that he has every right to consume alcohol.

Check out some of the reactions below :

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