Baiju Raju, A Kerala Youth K*lled Himself Due To Wife’s Betrayal !! Shocking Video Is Out

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CM / Updated: 2023-03-27
13:57 IST

Baiju Raju, a New Zealander, recently released a video on social media revealing the cheating and betrayal he had suffered at the hands of his wife and family. In the video, Baiju Raju explained that his wife was having an affair with another man, and his family had taken his property and thrown him out of their home. He also stated that his daughter was his only hope, and now that he had lost her, there was no point in living anymore.

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Throughout the video, Baiju Raju was visibly emotional, crying as he shared his story. He spoke about the courage it had taken him to hold back from committing suicide for so long because he knew it was wrong. He alleged that his wife and family had taken all his money, and his wife’s brother had started the problems between them. When he asked her to return the lakhs he had bought from him, his brother-in-law had become angry, and this had led to problems with his wife.

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with his Daughter

Baiju Raju further alleged that his wife’s mother had taken over all the fixed deposits in the country, and his wife had taken their daughter away from him. In a video confession he released, his wife admitted to having a sexual relationship with a man named Tojo, stating that they got in touch with Baiju Raju because he was angry.

Here is the two videos uploaded by Baiju Raju before his extreme decision :

Baiju Raju’s pain and suffering were palpable throughout the video, and he spoke about how it was affecting his personal and professional life. He explained that he was extremely stressed, suffering from sleepless nights, and unable to stand it anymore. In his desperation, he said he needed immediate relief and could only find it in suicide.

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Tojo Mathew

Baiju Raju also shared the personal information of his family in the video, including their addresses, passport numbers, and registration numbers in New Zealand. He made it clear that he held his wife and family responsible for his suicide.

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his Wife

The response to Baiju Raju’s video has been mixed, with some people blaming him for not choosing a “good girl” to marry and others sympathizing with his pain and suffering. Meanwhile, social media is waiting for a response from his wife’s family.

Here is the tweet :

This tragic story highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues and seeking help when needed. Suicide is never the answer, and there is always hope for a better tomorrow. It is crucial for family and friends to support their loved ones during difficult times and to seek professional help if necessary. It is also essential to acknowledge that cheating and betrayal can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health and well-being, and it is never okay to dismiss someone’s pain or suffering.

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