Badrinath Facing Severe Criticism For His Recent Post !!

Subramaniam Badrinath, a notable cricketer in Tamil nadu cricket history, faced severe criticism from his online followers for a recent post he uploaded in his official twitter account through which he enjoys nearly 2 lakh followers. The post contained the cricketer wearing the sacred thread of Hindu religion with closed eyes. In his caption, Badri said that it is a duty for all the parents to teach their children what they have learnt from their ancestors.

“We should follow what our ancestors taught us and should act as a guide for our children which is a duty” is what Badri exactly wrote in Tamil by typing “நமக்கு முன்னோர்கள் கற்று கொடுத்ததை நாம் கடைபிடித்து ,நம் குழந்தைகளுக்கு வழி காட்டியாய் இருப்பது நம் கடமை “ in Tamil. He added the hashtags “Aavani Avattam” and “Poonal” for his post.

Check it out here :

Most of his followers who irked by the post of Badri, believed that the cricketer is exposing his caste. Few of them speculated that he is indirectly denoting that Sanskrit language should be taught to the future generation. “Don’t know how it going to help for body and mind except the fake casteist proud.” wrote one of a follower whereas another one asked “Why can’t you keep such things in private. Whole TN knows this act is the basic eligibility criteria in TNCA to play in state team”. One more user asked Badri whether he is going to follow the caste discrimination which was followed by his ancestors.

Check out some of the reactions Badri’s post received below :

Badrinath who represented India in ODI and test matches is known for his appearance in IPL tournament where he played for CSK team under Dhoni’s captaincy. He completed his studies in Gurunanak college located in Velacherry, Chennai. He gained the name “Mr Dependable” for the way he played for CSK during his prime time. He who lauded for his ability of stopping wickets from falling by his defensive batting, retired from all forms of cricket in August 2018.

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