Azeem’s Indirect Reply To The Accusations Of Vikraman!!

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2 months ago

Bigg Boss winner Mohammad Azeem uploaded a tweet in his official Twitter account, indirectly replying to Vikraman who, in an interview, said that the victory of Azeem has nothing to do with public. Azeem asked his fans not to consider the opinions of others who couldn’t bear their failure.


Through his interview, Vikraman strongly expressed his belief over Bigg Boss result having no connection with the mindset of audience. He said that Azeem should say what really happened. In his interview with Vijay TV, the journalist cum politician said “Pity of him, He did something for advertisement”

To a question asked by actress Kajal Pasupathy on how Azeem became a winner, Vikraman said “I will say it now too. People are brilliant. They casted their votes in a correct way but there is no connection between people’s vote and the result of Bigg Boss show”

Vikraman also added that people who love him are from humble background and they couldn’t get access to Hotstar app and a smart phone. “They call me “Thangam”, “Raja” through videos calls from the phones of their neighbours and friends” Vikraman said in the interview. “After seeing their video, I believed that there is no connection between the votes and result” he added.


Vikraman also commented on Kamal Haasan standing near him while Azeem was lifting the trophy. “I never got disappointed after Azeem won the competition. Be it influence or PR work, I realized there’s still something we have to do. I really got worried about Azeem winning the trophy because it will set a wrong precedent in the society” Vikraman said.

“I truly believe that the result of Bigg Boss is not true. People are believing the same. Vikraman said “Abuser Azeem” trended because of what he did inside the house. “I still see him as a victim. He believes in something beyond public” Vikraman said.

Watch the video below :

Indirectly replying to Vikraman, Azeem said “Don’t consider the words of people who couldn’t tolerate their failure. The criticisms that are being made against us are just words but not stones. Let’s make it stepping stones and reach our target. We are going to do lot of good things”

Here’s his tweet :

Here’s his other tweets :

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