Azeem Used His Health As An Excuse & Betrayed His Co-contestants??

Azeem became the subject to twitter trending again after using his health as an issue to play the task in favour of him. He who fainted on the live streaming of Tuesday episode, was excused by his housemates to sleep inside. Using the opportunity, Azeem stole the flowers and even pretended like he didn’t do it so to the alien team.


While sitting aside Kathir, Azeem who tried to get up and walk, fell on the floor, to everyone’s shock. Kathir and ADK lifted him from the floor and tried to get him up. In few moments, all the contestants surrounded the television actor and tried ways to bring him back to normal. With the help of Manikantan, Ram, Vikraman and Kathir took him near the medical room and asked Bigg Boss to open the room.

Moments later, he returned to the house and Vikraman informed to Janany and Dhanalakshmi that he suffered from high BP to an extent of 190. Before going to the rest room, Azeem thanked his contestants for helping him.

During the night, Alien team and tribal team made an agreement between them about not stealing anyone’s belonging and went to sleep as they were tired. However, Azeem who was allowed to sleep inside the bedroom due to his illness, used the opportunity to steal the flowers.

Watch the video below :

He stole all the flowers in three installments and went back to sleep. In the morning, after everyone got up, Azeem was questioned by Manikanta over whether he took the flowers. Azeem denied stealing the flowers rather questioned the aliens whether all the flowers were gone.

Here’s the video of it :

Check out some of the reactions Azeem’s series of activity received :



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