Azeem Issued Clarification On Disrespecting Kamal Haasan During A Fans Meet!!

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2 months ago

Azeem, title winner of Bigg Boss season 6 issued a clarification on the allegation that is being made against him about disrespecting Bigg Boss host Kamal Haasan during his fans meet. The Television actor said that Kamal Haasan is a father figure for him and he always said what’s good for him. Azeem firmly denied the accusations and confirmed that he only answered to the question asked to him in that show.

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Releasing a video in his Instagram handle, Azeem said “This video is regarding a fans meet that was conducted for me in a YouTube channel. In that event, I answered to a fan but Twitter users used the clip and started alleging that I disrespected Kamal since today morning” Azeem said.

“My lovable haters are trending that video. Kamal sir said such things for my well being. He said that to me out of care and advised me that my son will be watching the show. He said it for me every week. Now, my haters started wrongly portraying my answer to the audience by claiming that it was my answer to Kamal sir” Azeem said.


“Use your time to spread love. Don’t spread hatred. You are not going to gain anything by showing hatred. So do good things and support good things. To make me reply for your Twitter allegations, you people started spreading the video it seems, you all very well know that I’m not a person who rattles for these kind of things” Azeem said.

“This is a clarification video because Kamal sir is like a father figure for me and I respect him so much. Don’t spread these kind of unnecessary rumours” he said in the video.

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Here’s his post :


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In a video which is doing rounds in social media platforms, Azeem is seen saying that he has several hours to spend time wth his son outside and there’s no necessity for the kid to learn anything from the attitude he displayed in the Bigg Boss show.

On seeing a meme which said “My son is my everything”, Azeem said  “Yes, it’s true. Many asked me “you are losing cool in this way, your son could that from you”, I have so many hours to spend time with my son. There’s no need for my son to grow by watching that show”

Here’s the video :

Bigg Boss show got completed a couple of weeks ago and Azeem was announced as the winner of the show due to the highest number of votes he received competing with Vikraman, a journalist cum politician. Ever since the announcement of Bigg Boss season 6 was made, various kind of reactions are flooding internet platforms. Azeem announced that Rs. 25 lakh of his winning money is going to educate the children who lost their parents due to COVID 19.

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