Ayyappan Ramasamy Is Trending In Internet After A Video Of Him Talking About His Girl Fans Surfaced In Internet!!

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Ayyappan Ramasamy of Tamilglitz fame is trending in internet after Madan Ravichandran released a video alleging that he received bribe to do favours for a particular political party, presumably BJP party of Annamalai. The young journalist became to subject to severe trolls and criticisms as the video showed himself talking about his female followers in Instagram platform.

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Ayyappan Ramasamy rose to fame among internet audience after interviewing politicians and party members of BJP. He enjoys a separate fan base for the way he roasts his guests and makes them stumble to answer his bold yet twisted questions. Most recently, Ayyappan grabbed headlines after interviewing famous moto vlogger TTF Vasan who walked out of the interaction in mid way after being not able answer the controversial questions of the journalist.

He interviewed celebrities such as Mohan G of “Draupathy” fame, Madhuvanthi, daughter of famous actor YG Mahendran and many others for Tamilglitz YouTube channel. In Instagram, the individual has more than 125k followers.

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Television presenter Madan Ravichandran who is known for making controversial statements and releasing unseen videos, on Wednesday, released four long videos, saying that it is a sting operation against the journalists of Tamil media. Mukthar, Madesh, Rajavel are some of the other journalists who are involved in the bribe issue.

A particular clipping of Ayyappan Ramasamy talking about his girl followers from the long video released by Madan Ravichandran are trending in internet platforms since the evening of Wednesday. In the video, Ayyappan could be seen saying that he has huge girl followership in the photo/video posting social media platform and also mentions about journalist Panimalar Panneerselvam. The video also shows Ayyappan getting cash from a person who says that he wants to defame a number of individuals. Ayyappan could be seen nodding “Yes” to his demands before getting the cash.


“You know my Instagram fan base, right?? Its 125K now, increasing in high speed” Ayyappan Ramasamy could be heard saying in the video. “Almost all them who are with Panimalar are my fans. Once, a girl commented on Panimalar’s video saying that “Ayyappan Ramasamy fans hit like” but Panimalar deleted that comment. She is very mindful” he further says.

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“In Instagram, I have more traction from girls” Ayyappan says in the video. “You should defame those who are our competitors” demands the person in the other end to which Ayyappan Ramasamy nods and receives money as cash from him.

Watch the video below :

Here’s the full video :

Source : Mars Tamilnadu

Check out some of the reactions that surfaced after this video of Ayyappan Ramasamy got leaked :


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