“Avengers Was Inspired By Vedas” – Actress Got Trolled For Her Statement!!

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CM / Updated: 2022-05-13
22:21 IST

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, in a recent interview with Times of India, had claimed that the globally acclaimed super hero franchise “Avengers” was inspired from Vedas. She compared the super hero abilities of the Avengers characters with the Gods of Hindi religion. The actress’s statement has been grabbing headlines in prominent media portals with public reacting in various ways.


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“I would definitely borrow the Indian approach.i feel the West borrows from our Mythology a lot” Kangana Ranaut said in the interview. Comparing Iron Man’s armour with Karan’s armour in the mythological epic Mahabharata, and Thor’s hammer to Hanuman wielding his “Gada”, Kangana told The Times of Inda that “the West borrows from our mythology a lot”. The super hero, Thor, of course, is inspired by the Norse myths.

The actress highly believed that the “visuals perspective” of superhero movies might be different, “but the origins of these super hero stories are hugely inspired by our Vedas”. She went on to claim that they have “acknowledged this fact, too”


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“Likewise, I would also want to do something original and why be limited to inspirations from West” she added. Here’s how Internet reacted to the actress’s comparison :


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