Audio Recording Of An Assistant Professor “Approaching” A Girl Student Got Leaked!!

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12 months ago

Audio recording of an assistant professor “approaching” a girl student to visit his home for no exact reason got leaked in internet with public slamming the elderly man who is going to retire from his post next year. The college management alleges that it set up a committee to enquire about the girl’s complaint and sent the report to the higher authorities in order to get the assistant professor his punishment. However, no progress has been made yet.


Named as Mahendran, the assistant professor who is working in English department, has been working in the “Ulaganathan Narayanasamy government college” which is located in Ponneri, Thiruvallur district. He who belongs to Ambattur area has been working in the college for the past 7 years, according to reports.

In the audio recording which got leaked, Mahendran asks “I told you to come to my house next week, right?” to which the girl student immediately asks “For What, sir?”. Replying to her, the professor says “Chumma thaan” (Just simply) and the girl keeps questioning him why he invites her to his home.

“Come to my home if you have interest” he says. “You are in your last semester now. Just to grow our friendship” the professor further says to which the girl replies “I don’t want your friendship and all” and insists the professor to tell her the reason behind his invite.


Addressing the issue, Sekhar, college principal said that a committee was formed to enquire about the issue and it is progressing. “The enquiry report was sent to higher official to take appropriate action against Mahendran” the principal said and updated that the accused is going to get retired next year.

It has been reported that 5 more sexual harassment cases has been filed against the assistant professor. Students, reportedly said that not action were against him yet due tothe support he has from the higher authorities. The professor is also accused of uttering double meaning words and sitting near girl students to touch them inappropriately by the students according to Polimer.

Watch the video below :

Source : Polimer

When the director of education was asked whether he received any eport from the college, he reportedly said that there’s nothing he received as such so far. Further, he promised to take action and there’s chances for the whole college management to face severe action if they found guilty, according to the report of Polimer.

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