Attention Chennaites! Now Get Medicines And Lab Test Samples Collected At Your Doorstep

5 years ago

Too lazy to go to shopping? Place an order in either Flipkart or Amazon! Too bored to cook food at home? Place an order in Swiggy! But what if you are sick and home alone? Relax, here is a solution to this problem!

Klinikals, a Chennai based startup is India’s premier healthcare services app. Klinikals helps its customers not only  to place orders for medicines from pharmaceuticals, but also to schedule your laboratory tests at different diagnostic centres. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

The PRIMARY MOTTO of the purely Chennai based startup is customer satisfaction. One thing to be appreciated is that the startup provides amazing service to their customers at their door-step and it is very much user-friendly.


The Klinikals app is of great convenience for working class individuals. In certain situations when you need to buy medicines and you are home alone and sick too, Klinikals will lend you their helping hands! You can easily place an order of the required medicines, through the mobile app and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Also, Klinikals app will be of great convenience to homemakers. Women who stay indoors and unable to step out of the home? Klinikals is your ultimate solution! Be it a headache or back pain or menses pain. Whatever be the ailments, you can completely rely on Klinikals to get your medicines as soon as possible.

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The utilitarian app is very much useful to senior citizens. Staying away from your elderly parents? Worried about their health? You need not worry now! Yes, you can simply place an order for the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor. The medicines will be delivered at the right place and at the right time.

Here are the 4 key features, which makes Klinikals User-friendly:

  • Klinikals provide you with a huge variety of choices. It gives you the freedom of choosing medicines from different pharmacies and diagnostic centers as the pricing is different from one pharmacy and the another. compress image 35

  • Klinikals does not only show you pharmacies and diagnostic centers which are present in and around your locality, but also they ensure that the medicines you order with them reaches your place within 4 hours, whichever part of the city you may reside in.


  • Klinikals offers a wide range of medicines which helps people to choose the required medicines from different sellers by comparing the prices and various discounts available at different outlets. compress image 34

  • Klinikals provides flexibility in terms of payment methods. You can either go by the traditional method of Cash On Delivery or by the digital method of paying, that is, Card On Delivery.

Whenever you place an order through Klinikals, its a must to upload a valid prescription. This is to avoid self-medication and misuse of drugs. They also have a team of registered pharmacists who will check the validity of the prescription and will also assist you in purchasing your medicines.

Just like any other app in our mobile phone, Klinikals is also a “must install” app which we must have in our phones to make our lives easier and better. To know more about this great app, go to

You can download the mobile app through:

For Android Phones-

For iOS phones-

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