Attention Boys! This Company Pays Rs. 2,600 An Hour For Having Long Beard


You got to accept that it’s pretty much difficult to find a guy without beard on his face. For a man, his beard is all the charm he could have. Nowadays, it is a commonly accepted fact that, beard completes a man, no exaggerations!

A well groomed beard could possibly give you confidence, good looks, compliments and also a handful of fangirls. But did you ever know that your beard could help you earn money? Yup, not just hundreds, but INR 2,600 per hour! Yes, you just read it right!

Researchers, after their studies, revealed that, stroking of hair and beard will help one person release oxytocin, the relaxing hormones.

All you need to do is, sit down and relax at your back and let your beard be stroked. For this you will be paid approximately, INR 2600 by the company, Mo Bro’s.


The organisation puts up three simple conditions for you to take part in this:

  • Only candidates with beards at least 2 inches long will be considered for the positions.
  • Men with longer Santa-esque beards are preferred.
  • Must be comfortable with being touched by strangers.

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