ATROCITY : Final Year Engineering Student Made Flipkart Deposit Money To His Bank Account

This Guy Made Flipkart
Deposit His Cash In His Bank! What a Lazy-Genius-Ass!!

Well, for
others this might seem ridiculous and even outrageous for online retailers, but
for lazy people like you and me, this is just pure genius work. And because
we’re lazy, we can appreciate what this guy did 😛
Gaurav, a
final year engineering student, had Rs. 3000 and wanted to deposit it in his
bank account. But as the bank was pretty that away from the hostel he was
staying, he succumbed to another method. Yes, he used Flipkart to do his job!
He searched
on flipkart and ordered a shoe worth Rs 3099.
He opted for
cash on delivery addressed to his hostel.
receiving the shoe, he filed for a return choosing the option ‘ordered wrong
shoes’. To which, Flipkart accepted the return.
Once the
return item was collected, Flipkart asked for his bank details to return his
money through NEFT.
All he had
to do was give his bank details and voila! His account was credited with the
amount the very next day.
Now, wasn’t
that just a smart work done! Like people say, the lazy ones are the best when
it comes to doing jobs in shortcuts 😉


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