Atrocity By TN Police! Man From Karnataka Fined An Huge Amount For Talking Kannada Inside Tamil Nadu

Manjunath Shetty and his friends were on
their trip to Pondicherry last week. On the way back home, they confronted Vellore
check post. As their vehicle was Karnataka registered, they stopped to pay tax.
When they answered (Regional Transport office) officer’s queries in Kannada,
they were immediately charged Rs.1000/- fine (though there is no mention of
such fine in any constitutional provision). The officer also showed up
vituperative outburst saying the victim that it was Tamil Nadu and he shouldn’t
be speaking Kannada.
Disgraced by this mean attitude of the
officer, Manjunath put forth his grievance on Facebook stating the illegitimacy of the fine that was
imposed on him along with the fine receipt. 
This status of his, having gone
viral on all the Kannada based pages, groups and news channels, has enraged
thousands of Kannadigas on social media who are expressing strong outrage
against the entire Tamil Nadu system.

To be noted that Bengaluru, capital city of
Karnataka is a homeland of many Tamilans. If Kannadiags out there had possessed
the same intolerant treatment, our brothers and sisters wouldn’t have been able
to get into the employment market of metropolitan and earn their livelihoods.
To conclude these derogatory acts by one or two persons spoil the integrity of
two states damaging the cordial relations. In this age of globalization where
there is rapid exchange of man and machine across the nation and beyond it,
cultural harmony, tolerance and mutual respect are very much needed.  
We indeed agree that action of one police officer doesnt brand the netire state, but actions like these bring the name of the state down on a larger picture which has to be dealt with seriously!
Here are some of the agitation posts by Kannada pages –
complied by – Mandhara BP


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